Kristopher Williams | Kansas City, MO

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Minor, Computer Engineering

Seattle Pacific University, Winter 2012

Work Experience

Principle Software Engineer

Time frame: January 2010 - Present
Languages: Ruby, Python, SQL, JavaScript
Technologies: AWS, Rails, Nginx, Git

Creating a research platform for undergraduate students, and instructors to be able to contribute to novel research projects. This project is currently NSF funded, but I have been striving to create a sustainable business model.

Senior Software Engineer
Cerner Corporation

Wrote big-data processing pipelines, designing modular component services and REST APIs, for Cerner Corporation’s HealtheIntent Platform.

Time frame: July 2012 - March 2019
Languages: Java, Ruby, CCL
Technologies: Apache Crunch, AWS, Rails, Jenkins, Git, GitHub

Other Projects


Enhanced an open source gem for drawing genome graphs, for use in the GENI-ACT Platform.

Time frame: 2016
Languages: Ruby


Designed and implemented an open source utility for generating code reviews in Atlassian Crucible.

Time frame: 2015
Languages: Go

Take what you can, give nothing back.