Kristopher Williams | Kansas City, MO

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Minor, Computer Engineering

Seattle Pacific University, Winter 2012

Work Experience

Sr. Software Engineer
Cerner Corporation

Timeframe: July 2012 - Present
Languages: Ruby, Java, JavaScript, CCL, Clojure, Bash
Technologies: Hadoop, Apache Crunch, AWS, Rails, Jenkins, Clara, Kerberos, Docker, Mesos, Tomcat, Git, Grape

Principle Software Engineer |

Timeframe: January 2010 - Present
Languages: Ruby, PHP
Technologies: AWS, Rails, DigitalOcean, Nginx

Side Projects


Timeframe: 2015
Languages: Go


Timeframe: 2016
Languages: Ruby

Note: Languages listed indicate languages that I have written in, but not necessarily mastered. I do not think an engineer needs to have mastery of a language to be competent. In fact, I find it to be more ideal to be able to move from language to language, learning quickly what is needed rather than trying to use a comfortable language to solve all problems.

Take what you can, give nothing back.